Sunday, April 11, 2021

Trust Me, It'll be Fun - the poetry book is here!

To go along with this blog, I do have a new poetry book entitled "Trust Me, It'll Be Fun" (West Virginia poems, Book 2) now available.  Poetry is F U N!  Come on, you know it is or can be it just depends on the poems you read or write.

Here's a description of the book:  West Virginia is a beautiful place. Go back to wild and wonderful West Virginia in these new poems from award winning poet, LB Sedlacek. Visit the radio telescopes, the Greenbrier River, Hillsboro WV, Beartown, Marlinton WV, and take the old logging train up to Whittaker Station, and more in these place poems. Plus take a detour to nearby Washington, DC on another poetical journey with the author.

You can order your copy here (E-book or Paperback):  Ebook or Paperback

It's been fun to write this blog in anticipation of my new poetry book.  I hope whatever you're doing for the first time or trying for the first time that you are staying safe and well but also having fun, too!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

There will be snow!

As a kid, I loved snow.  I longed for snow days to play in it and to get out of going to school!  I liked to sled, have snowball fights, and make snow cream.  Since then, I’ve gone snow tubing and enjoy that, too.  But at one time, I didn’t like snow ... after I lived through a blizzard.  It was scary.  I have since come back around to liking snow again, especially snowy mornings like today where it made this every day view for me so very scenic.  Snow days even on weekends are still fun and perfect days for reading, writing, sipping on hot tea or hot chocolate and simply enjoying life’s wonders.  


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Cheese, Cheese Making and Masks

 In Ashe County, NC there is a place that makes cheese - Ashe County Cheese.  If you love cheese, it’s worth the trip to see them making cheese and of course to buy some, too.  The store also sells candies and fudge.  As with most day trip adventures, no one is all that excited about going anywhere so I kept saying all morning, “Trust Me, It Will Be Fun!”  It was fun to see the cheese making and to shop for some of our favorite kinds of cheese.  It was also fun to sidewalk shop in West Jefferson which is where the cheese factory is located.  

What wasn’t fun - trying to find a public restroom.  Even the Mickey D’s is not open on the inside in West Jefferson.  I did locate one at the drugstore across the street.  Also, a break out from my Star Wars cloth mask = not fun.  It made my skin on my cheeks flare red and made my eyes water.  I’ve worn this mask many times (washed it in between) and never had a problem with it.  Maybe it was the colder weather that reacted with my skin, too.  There is snow and ice in the mountains and in West Jefferson currently, after all it is December.  

The 7 year old cheddar cheese, one of our purchases, made it worthwhile no matter the inconveniences.  Plus it was fun to see icicles, too!  That’s mountain life for you and oh yes a life where cheese matters!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Different 2020

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope it’s safe, I hope it’s fun, I hope you get to see some Christmas lights, enjoy a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate and a nice meal and get to visit with friends and family even if it’s online.  It sure has been a real different year ... it’s been real difficult to find the fun.  Happy Merry Christmas Different, everyone! ~LB

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Running the Fun Run

One of my good friends is currently having a fund raiser with a virtual Fun Run.  It's a 5K!  I signed up for it.  My rather fit child who runs for school sports also signed up for it and spent the better part of the time walking/running with me to encourage me to finish.  My idea of walking/running is one mile on the treadmill every day in about 20 minutes.  I'm not gonna break any land speed records with a 5K for sure, lol!  

This morning as we were fueling up on pancakes, neither one of us looked too thrilled to be spending a Sunday morning out on the Greenway running/walking including the dog who we took along.  As we were sitting there having breakfast, my husband looks at me and goes "It's a Fun Run, right?  We trust you, Mom, it will be FUN!"  (Needless to say, he didn't actually participate, he just got the dog ready to ride in the car.)

But I did it!  I finished!  I didn't even have to take a nap afterwards, either.

It was fun - the sunshine (it's December here and over 60 degrees unusual weather for Winter but not for North Carolina weather, but that's a different post entirely!) - the light breeze, the sculptures (we live in the town with the most outdoor sculptures per capita of any city in the US so yes we have three sculptures right on the Greenway where we walked), other people and dogs, it was quite nice.  Sometimes, you have to take a chance and then yes the fun will come somehow, someway!

~Happy Sunday!

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas Different

2020.  It’s been a way different year.

So, Christmas - well, that will be different too.  Right?!?

How?  So far, we went to ride a local Christmas train we ride every year ... before Thanksgiving.  We delivered most of our Christmas presents on Good Friday.  (Some people can’t wait and already opened them, lol.). Christmas cards were mailed in November!

I live in North Carolina, home of many Christmas tree farms.  Usually, we head up to Meat Camp (yes, folks that is a real place) and buy a live tree.  They last longer.  The selection is better. And it’s a lot of fun to go off roading way up in the mountains and pick out your very own tree.  But, this year, we decided against it and purchased two artificial pre-lit trees instead.  The trees look nice and were way easier to put up, but it’s not the same.

Still, life is built on change.  And different is good.  Sometimes, it’s hard and takes a while to get used to, but usually it all turns out well.  

This is probably related to living a life of Growth.  Coincidentally, I listened to a meditation session on that today.

It’s good to try new things.  It’s good to keep things the same, too.  We used the same decorations all around and on the trees.  We used the tree skirt, too!  We put the tree up, though, in a different location and added in the second new tree in an entirely new spot.

In addition to the trees, I also added in some Christmas inflatables this year in the yard:  a Santa Dragon, a Santa, and a Snowman!  It’s been kind of fun to see the three of them together hanging out and brightening things up!

Oh, it’ll be a different Christmas for sure this year.  This year it’s a time to make new traditions and to be thankful for the ones we already have, too.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving is Cancelled, Thanksgiving Different all in One like the very first one

Thanksgiving outside?  Don’t travel?  Stay away from each other.  Bring your own food.

What an odd way it seems we shall have to celebrate this normally celebratory traditional day of giving thanks.  Normally we visit my nieces and nephew and of course their parents for the day.  We have a good time talking, cooking, and eating.  

This year, though, they declared Thanksgiving is Cancelled because we can’t all be together.  Instead: we had a Friendsgiving outside with a bonfire over the weekend.  We served some traditional Thanksgiving like finger foods and conversed from a distance.

It was a Thanksgiving Different for sure.  The weather was perfect - not too hot, not too cold.  There were lots of desserts - way more of a wider variety than on table set for Thanksgiving dinner.  

When the day itself gets here, we will cook, talk, and eat, but it will just be me and my immediate family.  We will probably only have one kind of dessert!  And we will probably make a phone call or two and use FT to talk as well.  

But virtual laughter, games, conversations and pictures of what we are eating is not the same as being all together.  Our traditions, it seems are made to be changed or reinvented.  I won’t miss the 2-3 hours in the car, each way.  And with being at home our dog will get to be included and he will love that.

Change, for the worse, sometimes for the better, is in the air, literally.  I think the Bah Humbugs may come a little early this year.

Still, focus on the I get to’s instead of the I don’t get to’s and it will be a different celebration but not an unpleasant one.  It’ll be a simple Thanksgiving Different and maybe one a little bit reminiscent of the very first one.