Sunday, April 11, 2021

Trust Me, It'll be Fun - the poetry book is here!

To go along with this blog, I do have a new poetry book entitled "Trust Me, It'll Be Fun" (West Virginia poems, Book 2) now available.  Poetry is F U N!  Come on, you know it is or can be it just depends on the poems you read or write.

Here's a description of the book:  West Virginia is a beautiful place. Go back to wild and wonderful West Virginia in these new poems from award winning poet, LB Sedlacek. Visit the radio telescopes, the Greenbrier River, Hillsboro WV, Beartown, Marlinton WV, and take the old logging train up to Whittaker Station, and more in these place poems. Plus take a detour to nearby Washington, DC on another poetical journey with the author.

You can order your copy here (E-book or Paperback):  Ebook or Paperback

It's been fun to write this blog in anticipation of my new poetry book.  I hope whatever you're doing for the first time or trying for the first time that you are staying safe and well but also having fun, too!

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